10 GENIUS DIY PRANKS || Funny Pranks On Teachers And School Hacks by 123 Go! Gold


Oh no! Kate has a broken iPhone! Or she doesn’t? Of course this is a crazy broken phone prank that you can pull on your friends or even teachers!
You’ll know how to have fun on your vacations or at school, how to try an awesome coffee slime prank and fake spider prank on your bestie🤣

Genius life hacks will help you to transform old clothes into a comfortable bag, how to survive struggles with your roommate and many other useful hacks and tricks for everyday life!
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00:02 Funny phone prank on teacher
00:22 How to make an iPhone prank in school
00:45 Back to school pranks, funny slime prank DIY
02:15 Best ways to skip school
04:07 Useful school hacks
04:25 Restyle clothes and transform your wardrobe
06:42 DIY back to school tricks and pranks
08:48 Awesome food prank for friends
10:26 Funny bloopers
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  2. now here's the real question about bending those test grades, we have infinite campus nowadays, so if your parents logged on, couldn't they see your real grade?


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