#2018 – How To Make Cs 1.6 Server Online And Put It On Game Tracker Servers


Hi All, In this tutorial i’m gonna show you how you can easily make a Counter-Strike 1.6 Server through µTorrent and a website Called – CanYouSeeMe – in very easy steps, so you can share your server with your friend and Also put it in GameTracker servers in your
chosen Country.

you will need just µTorrent and HLDS.exe to do this stuffs (Watch the video to understand)

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#NOTE : if you want to add plugins and models in your server just comment or send a message to my facebook account : facebook.com/mehdisiilent.killer

Nguồn: https://baogiaxevn.com/

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  1. how do i enter the server should i copy the IP adress from hdls or from gametracker
    becouse if i coped from gametracker it says couldnt connect to the game

  2. connection timed out, any idea?
    did everything like in this video and all other videos but i still can not create server.

    any idea? thnx

  3. bro i added my server but my server in gametracker is and in hlds players can join even diffrent adresse

  4. I did not know how to open one whenever you tried to succeed with me i did all the steps that you did and did not succeed can you open one of this preachers please

  5. But the server Not keep Opened bro Can you do video to show us how fix problem

  6. Hey can you help me start up my server, please its not working the last step on gametracker " GAMETRACKER COULD NOT SCAN THE SERVER. "


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