Ultimate egg tricks video showing 40 incredible edible egg tricks you can try in your home kitchen.

Life hacks with eggs that are shown in this video:
1. Pealing an egg with a shaker
2. Pealing a boiled egg
3. Bacon cups with eggs
4. Fried ham and egg bread
5. Avo eggs
6. Bacon egg and blueberries bunny
7. How to hold up an egg
8. Microwave egg
9. Herbs in egg
10. Pepper and Onion Rings
11. Different fried eggs
12. Egg funnel
13. Egg candles
14. How long to cook an egg
15. How fresh is an egg
16. How old is an egg
17. Baking eggs
18. Bouncy egg
19. Chopstick egg
20. Separating an egg with your hand
21. Bottle yolk grabber
22. Egg cutter
23. Cheesy fried bread
24. Scrambled egg in microwave
25. Pepper and Onion Rings
26. Herb Fried Egg
27. Colourful Eggs
28. Colourful Eggs 2
29. Heart Eggs
30. Egg sandwich
31. Heart Yolk
32. Heart Sausage Eggs
33. Poached Eggs
34. Straw Hack
35. Getting shell out with water
36. Eggshell cleaner hack
37. Egg Bunny
38. Boiled egg in kettle
39. Egg Basket
40. Microwave fried eggs

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  1. Wooow! A very delicious food and interesting.
    Hope you all will visit my neighbor @SimpleHomeCookingGuide.
    Thanks and welcome in advance.

  2. Blood (red dots) in an opened egg is not a fresh sign should be tossed. Eggs get separated into a small bowl BEFORE dumping into another bowl with other eggs!
    Chefs will tell you that.

  3. Tesco = Tess Cohen Great name but don't eat at home when u can eat out really well. Steak is good quality at Wethies

  4. Just eat out cheaper no rip off electric bills and no washing up: 6 eggs are £3.50 in London; Cream £4; Cheese £5 one onion 50p – AND although Tesco have cheap items the Security guard follows you to guilt you into buying expensive ones (psychologically training.)

    Same at Waitrose in Wapping.

    Did no-one tell them at Guard Dog School its the middle classes that are thieving so and sos not the poor!

    Anyhoo. Wetherspoons: Steak n Chips + free drink (beer or latte) £5 Fish n Chips + free drink £4!

    BUT VIDEO GREAT TO WATCH HOWEVER just eat out don't be stoopid to go shopping at Tescos.

    Yes l know u get your £5 sandwich there but ain't no butter on it and no flavor either. And u have to que.

  5. There are people that are named Trucos de Cocina just re uploading this vid with spanish comentry. this is the vid: https://youtu.be/HEueqM1nOGY

  6. 21:04 There's a stupid idea… oil the eggs to last longer… then you go to get one, and guess where it will end up? Unless you plan to eat it from the floor raw or pick it up to cook it, it is the worst idea I've ever heard.

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  8. @18:17 soooo how many of these hard boiled fancy’s are you gonna tire of making with the straw before you get dizzy ?🥴


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