AMAZING DECOR HACKS THAT WILL SAVE YOU A FORTUNE || Customize Your Stuff with 123 Go! Live


If you wish to have the same iPhone as Bella has then you just need to watch our awesome decor hacks to customize your device!🤳
You’ll find how to decorate your phone to make it unique and awesome, how to customize your makeup and organize your home like a pro! We’ll show you the best life hacks to decorate your room with old toys, to recycle old plastic to restyle your furniture and how to fold clothes to save some space in your room!

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00:01 How to customize iPhone with hot glue gun
00:40 Phone decor hacks
01:30 Unicorn theme decor ideas and DIYs
01:59 Easy decor hacks
03:00 Makeup customize tricks, how to transform your lipstick and face powder
03:59 How to fold towels and organize your home
06:20 Recycling hacks with old toys
07:00 How to reuse old plastic to decorate your home
08:37 Food decor ideas
10:25 Funny behind the scenes moments
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  1. Personally i'd love to have iPhone like this!😍 Do you like iPhones? Vote in the comments and subscribe your favorite channel 123 GO! Live⭐

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  3. A dark lipstick is from India I know surely because I also have the same Lipstick with me so fantastic right if you like this then like


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