ASOIAF: Free Cities (Focus Series)


A brief history of the Free Cities, from their founding by the Valyrian Freehold to the Century of Blood and beyond. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

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  1. Braavos is the best place in the known world. Westeros is mostly shit and most of the Essos has slavery so I'd live in Braavos anyday

  2. In a all out war(without dragons) between all Seven Kingdoms vs all Nine Free cities, I believe the free cities would win.

  3. Essos is so much more interesting that the Westeros. The people, culture, accents , and over all exoticism is why the chapters that take place there are my favorite ones.

  4. Some further information on the military power of the Free Cities.

    Lys,Myr, Tyrosh,Norvos and Tyrosh : all rely almost exclusively on sellswords or slave soldiers to fight their wars for them while each keeping a meager city watch to simply police the area and enforce the law.

    Qohor : During the Battle of Qohor, the city was successfully defended by three thousand Unsullied. Ever since, Qohor has relied on the Unsullied slave soldiers for the defense of the city, further keeping only a small city watch.Occasionally, Qohor also hires sellsword companies. Overall, the city is not considered to be martial.

    Volantis : is,together with Braavos, the most powerful of the free cities. While they do have a sizable fleet their main power is on land having their own volantine troops but most of their military is made of slave soldiers.

    Braavos is neck in neck with Volantis for the title of the wealthiest and most powerful of the free cities. The true power of the braavosi is at sea, their fleet of warships being seconded to none in the known world. Braavos also has a strong city watch with Braavosi Water Dancers. In addition to all this with the Iron Bank, Braavos can also purchase sellsword companies to bolster their forces even more.

    Pentos : Due to the agreements with Braavos, Pentos is allowed only twenty warships. They are not allowed to keep an army, nor are they allowed to hire sellswords or free companies. Pentos only has a small city watch

    Lorath is the least populated and weakest of the Free Cities, with little military power and just a couple of warships

  5. They're based off of the Italian City States
    Braavos = Venice (a city filled with banking clans, and canals)
    Pentos = Florence (a city run by banking families, and merchants)
    Volantis= Rome (last remnant of a dead Empire)
    Qohor = Milan (warlike people known for violent mercenaries)

    Those are the ones I think of at least

  6. So Jaqens way of speaking isnt part of the Faceless Men at all but a dialogue from the city hes originally from.

  7. I want this guy to teach my history class and/or make videos for history class' like make them exclusive for history teacher's so they have well animated videos for the students

  8. In the books is daario naharis not a part of the second sons? In the show he's part of the second sons but in this video you mentioned that he is a part of a different mercenary group?

  9. I've watched all of these videos about the history of a song of ice and fire and all of the known land and peoples… and I am absolutely shocked at the amount of detail George rr martin's world contains. Even if you watch the show or read the books, you may not realize how large and complex the world is, especially because it mostly focuses on westeros with the exception of a few cities and cultures in essos. But my god… I mean, I knew about vaes dothrak, volantis, pentos, braavos, Lorath, lys, myr, qarth, old Valyria, asshai, the shadow lands, the slave cities (yunkai, mereen, etc), the summer isles (naath, etc) and several other cities….. but there is SOO MUCH MORE. I bought the book called a world of ice and fire I think? I'm going to go through and read more about the history

  10. You deserve way more views and likes than you get. You're doing a public service! Thank you so much for these videos!


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