Assassin's Creed Origins (The Movie)


The story of Assassin’s Creed Origins edited into a movie. Be sure to keep watching as the credits roll!

Thanks for waiting, this was the longest Assassin’s Creed game to finish, so it took extra time to work on as a movie, but all things considered, I was able to finish it faster than I was predicting, but that’s mostly due to a more optimized time management system I created for myself, as well as having less hours at my other job than I was expecting this season.

If you’re unfamiliar with my work, I highly recommend checking out my channel. I’ve made a lot of movies, from a lot of games. Origins makes for my 30th movie in total! The idea behind what I do is that I know a lot of people who miss out on the stories from so many of the games I play, so I figure if I could present those stories in a format that feels as close to a hollywood movie as I can, maybe those people can enjoy those stories.

In order to convert the experience of a game into one that feels more like a movie, I put a lot of work into it. If a game has the option, as the AC games do, I turn off the HUD in the settings, disabling on screen menus, reticles, text, button prompts, etc. If the game doesn’t have the option, I sometimes have used mods to do it manually. Whatever I can’t remove in game, I remove through various editing techniques, whether simply cutting the video, zooming/cropping it out, or using visual effects to remove them manually. Beyond that, I play the story at least once before working on the movie, replay segments multiple times when possible, or if not, do research on all of the scenes to ensure I know the best way to direct the character during the scene. When possible, I also try to focus on directing the camera to try to be more cinematic, but as it is a game, that’s not always as possible as I would like.

But these projects also benefit those who have played the games as well, as it condenses the stories, cutting out filler and side missions, reducing the amount of gameplay to only that which serves the story, and focusing on directing more of a cinematic experience overall. When you play the game, you often play for several gameplay sessions over several days, and that fact is even more true with Origins, as this game took me 37 hours to complete total. So by the time you finish playing, there are moments in the story you won’t remember at all, or at least, not very clearly. When you watch it as a movie, it’s like experiencing the story from a different perspective. Everything that happens in the story is shown in context with all of the other scenes, and the story flows much more smoothly this way. Often times I get a renewed appreciation for the story of a game after watching it in movie form.

As I’ve been busy with this game since launch (still working towards platinum, over 100 hours into my main save), I will be taking a bit of a break before working on my next movie, in order to catch up with other games on my backlog. In the past, I usually preselected my movies, and I had one I was planning to take on next, but then Youtube created the new “Community” tab, and I thought this would be a cool opportunity to give my fans the chance to vote on my next movie. Shortly after I publish this movie, I will be posting a poll with 5 options for my next movie, and whichever choice is the winner of that poll will be what I work on next.

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  1. I'm commenting from Italy, I apologise for the mistakes I may commit with my English.
    Man, you made a fantastic job on Origins, and I mean it!
    I've seen many other Assassin's Creed "movies" edited by other uploaders, but they always disappointed me because all they seemed to care about was to "go on with the story": thus, they rushed numerous action scenes, or even worse, they cut sequences that may not have been strictly important for the main plot, but were interesting because they deepened a character's psyche or showed beautiful landscapes.
    What I love about your film is that it takes its time: you didn't cut that much, you even added some very beautiful scenes from the secondary quests, and most importantly you didn't rush to the end; for example, I LOVE how you let us see the ancient temple at the beginning, or even more how you left the whole scene of Bayek returning to Letopolis to assassinate the Scarab, because it makes tension grow even if you know how it's gonna end.
    This probably is the only Assassin's Creed "movie" I enjoy like a real movie! Hats off to you!

  2. Причина почему я поставил дизлайк это нет перевода на Русский язык!!!

  3. Ayy bro, would you turn on the english subtitle if you're gonna make a movie like this in the next franchise, it's hard for us who english wasn't our mother language to listening and understand the whole conversation 😔🙏

    Thanks for making this masterpiece bro, sorry for my bad english

  4. Булар нма дийишяпти тушунмадим! Киноди корсам тушунвосам керак период.

  5. Интересно любопытно забавно!!!! Что впрочем и требуется для приятного времяпровождения и отдыха!!!

  6. hey andy you should change the Arabic name of movie from (اصول قاتل العقيدة) to (اصول عقيدة القتلة) that is the right translation of it into Arabic 😊😁😁 @Andy Gilleand

  7. The best video I have ever seen this year. Thanks a lot for doing this for us! I appreciate the hard work! What program you used to record the screen? What program did you used to edit 4k? And render 4k? Thanks a lot!

  8. Assassini Kurdih 💪🇹🇯💪🇹🇯💪🇹🇯💪🇹🇯💪🇹🇯💪🇹🇯💪🇹🇯💪


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