Tam Coc (close to Ninh Binh) has a beautiful lake where you can go on a boat ride and enjoy the stunning scenery!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your experiences about the women who tried to get your money. Dont know what to say, just hope you will not meet that type of people again when you travel back to Vietnam for its beauty one day! (I wish a big change for the people and the country)

  2. of course have to pay,.. for blue agent and orange agent which your ancestors spilled over vietnam.. is it so hard to spend couple of bugs for poor and poisoned vietnamese people…

  3. At beginning and throughout the video, you bragged about cheap prices, good food and good services in VN. But you spoiled everything at the end by crying about tipping the boat lady.
    Boat lady asked for tips, you could have said NO and walked away, but you DID NOT. If you don't want to tip, then you don't have to give boat lady anything.
    You VOLUNTARILY gave her money. Remember NOBODY FORCED you to give money, YOU DID IT WILLINGLY.
    Then for no reason you started crying about boat lady made you do it. The poor people make living on tips. You could tell that she worked her ass off to make sure you guys had a good time. She is old and poor but working hard with big smile.
    After all it's only few dollars tip, don't be cheap.

  4. That boat ride ruined the afternoon for me at Tam Coc. It was 270k which is already crazy. Basically they scam every single tourist that gets on the boat. There is a whole system going on where what you purchase for the rowers is returned once your gone for 50 per cent of what you paid. All I wanted was to support the local industry by buying a bottle of water from the boat merchants and they got so greedy it turned me off the entire return leg of the ride. And then the rower has the audacity to ask for a tip. When I was harassed by the merchant and asked her to keep rowing she wouldn’t like she was threatening that if I don’t buy I’m stuck in the river. All of what is written on the sign board at ticket box eg no tipping required are ignored by the rowers They are fake as fuck and I said to the ticket box at the end, if you want your industry to survive the first thing is for you and your rowers to treat guests as if they were your friends. She wanted 200k from me that greedy merchant. And when I refused she backtracked and wanted to sell me a melon drink for 20k. How embarrassing for her when I ignored her greedy ass. What tourists should do is rent a bike and ride into the mountains without any sort of a direction. That was the highlight for me. Would I return, nope! Hoi An as a tourist destination is the most fun, and Hoi An would be the best in terms of long term settlement.

  5. Sorry for the bad experience. This must be the northern Vietnamese. They're likely to take advantage of women tourist but nice and polite to Chinese tourist (loud and rude). For women it's safer to tour the South.

  6. 4:57 – 5:44 Classic Asians. People from Europe fork out savings , want to see just nature , elephants , rocks , contemplate the place , but not , in their opinion you are milionaire , so they are coming the swarms of them , intentionally blocking the way and screaming "ma'am only tenty dollars , tenk you". And if you refuse , they became aggressive. This puts off of these places , what those little, dumb trolls will never get.

  7. Give them a dollar or two, it's nothing and that's what they are working for. Everything here in the Western world is tip, 10 bucks tip for the 30 bucks Uber trip, just for example. Don't be so cheap for 1 or 2 bucks. I was really enjoy your video up until you brought up the damn tip.

  8. Demanding for tips ain't nice. But taking tourist on these trips is what they do for living. With that Redbull she wouldn't be able to pay her kids' school fees. A dollar or two tip would do a lot for them.

  9. Great video. Thanks for sharing your experience. We need to be tough and firm with them without hurting their feelings

  10. You bought a redbull for the rowing lady, which is very nice. But in Tam Coc they are working together, you will buy the drink or food for them and after the tour they will return the products to the seller for half of the price. That's the reality in North Vietnam, south and center was much better for me, as a traveler.

  11. That's what I hear about the Tam Coc boat ride. They will pressure you to tip at the end. One of these days, that's my destination.

  12. Sorry about that things in VN. If you have something like that, just call police, to kick this people out. Even i'm Vietnamese but we still hate this guys

  13. I think typically they want 40,000 – 60,000 dong ($2-$3) for a tip. When my friends went there, they tipped $10 for 5 people. Typical drink (beer, coke, juice) was $1 and it is nice to buy a person who rowed. Spending few dollars is not too bad, if it was initiated by you. I just don't like they demand it.

  14. Yes, when you travel to Vietnam, make sure to bargain in the market and be careful at the tourist spot :)) They try to take money of everyone including Vietnamese too but I kind of use to it so I just say No and walk off with a cold looking face haha.

  15. Beautiful place and great vlogs. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.
    Take good care and safe journey.

    Vancouver 🇨🇦


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