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For fish cake: 400g clown/featherback knifefish paste, 400g catfish fillets, 200g speck, 4tbsp wheat flour, 2 eggs
For the soup: Pumkin, cabbage, tomatoes, pineapple, bamboo shoot
Others: lime, spring onion, paprika powder, fresh greens, beansprouts, garlic, chili…

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“Quê hương tuổi thơ tôi” by Mỹ tâm (Father land of my childhood)^^

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  1. giọng của chị hơi giống ca sĩ Mỹ Tâm ấy. lại đúng bài hát nền của chị Mỹ Tâm nữa. (y)

  2. Hi Helen cho mình hỏi bạn mua máy xay ở Mỹ chỗ nào vậy? Mình thích máy xay của bạn. (Và thích luôn những công thức làm bún chả cá của Helen nữa) thank you!

  3. Hi Helen, I like your cooking, but I can hear your voice with the music so loud, please remove the music, so your cooking will be perfectly. Thanks.

  4. Cám ơn chị đã làm video. 5 năm rồi em chưa được ăn lại, cuối tuần này phải làm thử mới đc.

  5. Hi helen làm ơn đừng bỏ nhạc vô chẳng nghe gi hết tôi rất thích bạn đừng đêm nhạc nửa nghe 😁👍

  6. I don't know Vietnamese, but I love the song you used in this video. The melody was lovely and the singer has an amazing voice 🙂

  7. Mình nghĩ nếu làm video những lúc nói chuyện thì ko nên để nhạc vào thì sẽ tốt hơn.

  8. eggs and wheat flour as an ingredient for Vietnamese Cha Ca?? you're  not making crab cake. quite misleading people. this is the worst recipe ever

  9. Hi Helen,
    I really like your recipe ut the background music is doing me crazy. I can not concentrate on your voice. I like your channel, though!

  10. Chi oi cho e hỏi thịt mỡ thăn là gì? Em dùng thịt mỡ bình thường được ko? Thank you so much Chị

  11. Thank you for your recipe. Your background music is too loud that it drowns out your voice, makes it hard to hear.

  12. Hi Helen I love your recipes! I will be making the sour fish soup tomorrow! I have been craving this one dish it involves Smashing fish in a mortar and pestle with bamboo and other spices added into it . The dish has a strong fishy smell to it but its spicy and delicious I do not know the name of this dish but maybe you can help me figure it out. Thank you so much ! Rodney.

  13. is that a fish paste ???   also saw a fish called speck???  Can you use other fish is this is the fish…can i use fish paste too?

  14. Hi Helen
    you should have your own restaurant.. you are so talented..should be famous by now.. and should be rich by now too…you should registered for cooking challenge in america or in your country…you never know you may win, just like the other vietnamese guy, he won the contest for best chef in america…now he makes a lot of money.. when u have a lot of money , you can buy anything u like for your cooking show …

  15. Helen!!! Cannot find knifefish paste in Spain. Is there any substitutes for it ? Really  like your video and  really appreciate it.

  16. Hello Hellen, I like all of your videos. However, the music is so loud. I think you should turn it down a little bit so it won't overpower your voice and create distraction. Thanks.

  17. I asked her to finish her ​​fried fish is fried? So I boiled the noodles are always making soup and of course it (I put tomatoes are not), because I do not like pumpkin left, and his father can not give it up pepper aroma, because I eat at some restaurant Danang also off target

  18. Nếu ko có thác lác thì dùng món gì để thay thế được chị? em cũng thích ăn cá thác lác lắm nhưng bên em ko có cả cái đông lạnh.

  19. Even konw that if we live in the U.S,, the microwave part is normal, but not every home in VN have microwave. ….what can we do now????? Ask for Helen help

  20. I really like this video, LOVE you Helen.!! Do you have english version.
    I don't understand Vietnamese, I am Mienh also known as (Yao).
    I live in city just north of Sacrament, CA. there is a lot of Vietnamese here.

  21. Nho da nang nho con nguoi nho bien nho thien nhien va ca phong canh cung nhung mon an da nang nua oi nhung vung dat hua cua toi


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