Change/Set Facebook Video Thumbnail by Android.

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Facebook is an worldwide used social networking platform which recently declared its users can upload videos as professional purposes. By uploading videos on Facebook one can’t simply get views unless videos are not good enough. Thumbnail or cover of Facebook video plays a vital role to increase views. But by default,Facebook doesn’t display eye catching thumbnail or cover of uploaded videos. As a result we need to upload custom thumbnail.
That’s why,in this video I am gonna show how you can upload custom thumbnail on Facebook videos by your SMARTPHONE.
Thumbnail Size:- 1280*720

*Important Note:- Facebook Updated it’s Layout Recently. So, Don’t Be Hesitated seeing Different Layout When You are about to Change Your Thumbnail.

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🔥My Editing🎬 Tools(free):-

➡️Kinemaster Pro – Video Editor

➡️FilmoraGo -Video Editor

➡️Power Director – Video Editor

➡️Legend (Text Animation)
➡️Adobe PS Touch

➡️Mobizen – Screen Recorder
➡️PixelLab(Text Editor)

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