DEFCON 17: Hack like the Movie Stars: A Big-Screen Multi-Touch Network Monitor


George Louthan Research Assistant, University of Tulsa
Cody Pollet Research Assistant, University of Tulsa

You know all those movies where exaggerated nerd-types accomplish impossible hacking feats using a ridiculous, big-screen friendly, animated graphical interface where they appear to fly through the network, performing complicated tasks with the flick of their finger? You thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s impractical and useless”. But somewhere, deep down, some part of you thought it was pretty sweet. That’s why we built one. We call it DVNE.

We’ll be presenting a prototype rear-projection multi-touch interface for exploring and interacting with networks backed by a signature-based network monitor. We’ll talk about the technology behind multi-touch, our network monitor, and some of the shiny but totally impractical features we’re incorporating. And, assuming the airlines cooperate, we’ll be running a live demo as well.

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