GENIUS KITCHEN BASICS FOR BEGINNERS || Funny DIY Kitchen Hacks by 123 Go! Gold


There’s nothing better and more tasty than a yummy cake – nothing but a cake with a cream! And if you don’t know how to decorate your cake with a cream we will show you the most simple way ever! All you need is a plastic bottle and scissors!
You’ll know how to handle all kitchen problems, how to keep milk stay fresh longer and how to use chopsticks like a pro!

Eat your favorite food and enjoy our channel🤤

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00:02 How to make a pastry bag from a plastic bottle
01:02 Genius kitchen life hack, food decor ideas for your cake
02:16 Awesome food hack for foodies
04:02 How to use chopsticks correctly
05:44 Funny life hacks with sweet dessert
07:48 What it means to be a real foodie
09:34 Funny bloopers
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  2. Okay like I said I'm stuck to your videos so what I'm going to do is to watch more of your videos and boy and morning and more and body people booty body building booty booty booty booty booty we love to we love to love them

  3. I heart your videos they're so cool like me and my sister are watching them right now and just we're stuck on them we just can't

  4. Awesome. I hope the person reading this get the true satisfaction they truly deserve. I just started something new, your support will make me smile! Thank you alot!

  5. When you put a marshmallow in the microwave it inflates but after it is taken out, it deflates to a gooey mess. I don't think they would be like that.


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