GENIUS LIFE HACKS THAT WORK MIRACLES! || School Hacks And Useful Tips by 123 Go! Gold


Get ready for a genius life hack with yummy candies and a simple hairbrush! You definitely didn’t try this before😱
You’ll know how to sneak food into class, how to use school supplies to make tasty dessert and draw a masterpiece if you’re bored!
Funny school hacks will help you to solve everyday problems and have so much fun with your friends!

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00:03 How to sneak food into class
00:50 Funny school hacks for smart students
02:15 DIY school supplies DIYs to decorate your notebook
04:21 School supply ideas and tricks
06:00 How to draw a perfect circle
07:27 Drawing life hack
08:00 How to draw like a real artist
09:02 Decorate clothes with paints
10:10 Funny bloopers
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  2. Did you Notice that when Amy was falling the cap of her soda was off but when she gets up it was closed,when did she have the time when she was falling to close the bottle

  3. If a boy asked for candy I would said heck no! Get your own candy and if a girl asked me I will still say heck no!

  4. I want to really go want to go what a riddle123

    Do you are you pretty girl go to America in the bed and eat TV daddy am I name is die


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