Gilgamesh VS Tiamat | Gilgamesh Noble Phantasm | FGO Babylonia Episode 19 English SUB


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  1. Guys, enlighten me on this. Does the archer class Gilgamesh has a different Noble Phantasm than the Mage class? I was expecting to see the sword that he typically uses against saber on other Fate series.

  2. This scene the absurd amount of magic power of Gil Caster. He could not only have enough magic power to summon 3 Servants but also allow them to use 2 NP on his own. And now he litterally burns all of his magic through 360 Dingir to slow down Tiamat.

  3. From taking virginity of every women in his kingdom to becoming a chad who displays charisma of such level that you just wanna die for his sake, Gilgamesh sure came a long way as a king.

  4. I just love how long time fans of the fate series were initially confused with this version of Gilgamesh. Honestly, when I was blindly playing the game, I had a panic attack when I figured out we were entering his era. I don't really have any good memories of him! I love the man but… The things he did since the first game 🤣 Didn't help when he resummoned himself as a castor at the end!

  5. Hypothesis: behind Gilgamesh's weapon portals are his Dingirs. This is what allows him to shoot his weapons out.

  6. 無理と言うか!俺は限界だと!もはやウルクは戦えぬと貴様もそう言うのか!藤丸立香!!


  7. ティアマトの足止め、ここで果たして見せよう!

  8. 関さんの「気にするな致命傷だ」も好きだけど高橋さんのこの時のマシュの演技もかなり好き

  9. My favorite thing in the game is that when Gilgamesh intercepts the sniping attack, he pretends like Tiamat was trying to snipe him (Gil) instead so the Master wouldn’t feel as bad. Here the subs translate it as “how dare you try to snipe HIM” which isn’t wrong given the context, but Gilgamesh doesn’t specify the target in Japanese. Just in case anyone’s in Gil Loving Hours like I am

  10. ここめっちゃ泣いちまった

  11. ウルクは永遠に俺の中にある



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