Google Search Like a Hacker [Tutorial]


How to Google Like a Hacker for Files & Target Info
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Google is a great search engine but many people don’t understand how it actually works. This is why some searches yield poor results and frustrate those in need of more refined information. Today, we’ll show you how to utilize Google operators to better narrow down the sea of results while searching, on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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  1. Googles assumption that users don't know how to search is very evident on YouTube. You can search for a specific term to find a specific thing that you know exists on the platform but the returned results will be one or two potentially related videos and about a hundred totally unrelated videos. I'd have better luck bashing my keyboard while blindfolded. Oddly enough, using the google search engine to find a specific video or channel on youtube works a lot better than trying to find the same video or channel within youtube. Youtube has become a joke over the past few years.

  2. I want to know how to identify the owner of a website that has paid for one of those disgusting privacy protection plans to hide their names/identity. That crap pisses me off to no end. I also want to know how to do a reverse phone number search without having to pay for the information or get those BS results that only take you to sites that want to rip you off for the information.

  3. Shouting out for help. Messenger and Google accounts hacked. No access to phone or email. Not trying to hack anyone. Trying to get my own back. I have zero skills with phone or computer

  4. Windows 10 black and white interface looks terrible. Do Microsoft realized what did they do or they like – "meh doesn't matter its DX12".
    PS:: – don't hack me please I have a big family

  5. was writing down all the notes and syntax on the filters and search methonds and then at the end he shows us the google advance page and it does everything. ..

  6. This use to work way back when, but I just tried it, and none of this worked as advertised. The advanced search even asked me if I really meant the exact same phrase I put in, and only gave one result that didn't go anywhere to a question I have been looking for. The Dick Ball example didn't matter too much as too what came up, and the results gave a anti-abortion pregnancy center for a results.
    3:58 "std :: list" – transmitted this resulted in ALL of them except the last one as being transmitted sexual diseases.

    None of this worked, which makes me wounder how accurate you really are.


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