Hack Cameras & More With Shodan Like Mr. Robot


This video covers the basics of Shodan, how it works, how to search for specific devices, and how to filter results based on location, organisation…..etc

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  1. Bro I have completed ur course ethical hacking for beginners, in that u explained about port forwarding but my router is not supporting for port forwarding can u suggest any other way for that !! Plz!!

  2. Whoever reads this, do yourself a favor and sign up for his courses on Udemy. He shows you the real "ethical" hacking stuff and explains it from basic to advance! Thanks for your efforts Zaid! You are a great teacher!

  3. Apart from asking a lot of questions on udemy, ma dude thanks, will definitely take another course from you once i figure out the adapter thing

  4. Research your target company then use shodan to search for city then you should whois every IP in the list till you find the target ip

  5. Zaid, I am really enjoying this video … why don't you make some videos in Arabic or at least translate what you already have done

  6. Hi, this is Bharth.
    I am now enrolled in your ethical hacking course.
    Please say how can we download a paid software for free ?
    Simply I am having doubt that can we bypass payment??

  7. 🔥🙏🏻🙏🏻 hi zaid sir I purchased wifi adapter recently from your website realtek rtl8812au
    So I can able to do all the things much much good and fine ❤️
    But the thing is when I am using
    wash –interface wlan0
    command it's throwing some
    pcap error status -1
    Even I checked wlan0 or wlan0mon or mon0
    But it was in wlan0 only
    Please anyone help me for this
    Zaid if u can please sir💔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    I will be very happy I I get response from you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. i'm kinda lazy, just go to insecamDOTorg and you can see a large collection of hacked webcams, you can even choose your country

  9. Zaid, I am very interested in the ethical hacking bundle and thinking about buying it. But I am worried that some of the techniques you will teach is outdated, so If I buy the bundle from station X , (ethical hacking from scratch, social engineering, website hacking , network hacking) will I be able to apply these skills with modern day technology and in the future?

  10. Hi Zaid,

    I m new to cyber security and want to know if any programming language is required for cyber security and if programming is required then which language do i need to learn.

  11. Sir there is an serious issue with my phone right now someone just bombed me with bulk of otp's with diffrent apps like oyo,redbus,netmeds,tinder etc.. But i want to knw how to trace the bomber plzzz help

  12. Hello Sir! I am one of your student and need your help regard to my Final Year Project related to Cybersecurity & Machine Learning. Suggest me some idea it will be the great honour for me.


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