Hacker REACTS to Watch Dogs | Experts React


Samy Kamkar, a security researcher and hacker, reacts to Watch Dogs.
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Samy Kamkar:
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  1. Hey sami r u gonna help my friend get his account back from a very skilled hacker that took his account on Google and other stuff like his PayPal money lol just joking

  2. Isn't the entire city on WD controlled by a server? The actual hacking happens in the prologue, where you get access to that server. The rest is just using an app to send commands to the server

  3. I am genuinly curious about that site that lets us check out random cameras on the internet to see cool stuff like cars

  4. Yeah I covered up my camera back then on my old stuff where I downloaded a lot of shit that took a massive shit on my device

  5. The games world runs on CtOS.
    CtOS is an orwellian system that controls everything in-game.
    Everything is linked.
    It's basically what 5G is, just more invasive. Holding it to current real world tech is stupid.
    Once 5G becomes like CtOS, it will be very plausible.
    The garage doors won't run off just RFID, it will be connected to a wider internet of things network.


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