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Watch this video to get handshake file
Wifi password hacking | Crunch+aircrack-ng 100% Success WPA/WPA2 penetration testing

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  1. bro its good video.thank you.
    but too slow can get setting to high speed follow cpu speed 200000 persecond.
    how to to do this please do more new video run high speed with this method

  2. Its still so slow it could take a year if you put numbers, lower case, caps and special characters and by then the password could have changed making that crack useless all that power being used to find out the password no longer works if someone wanted there internet to be secure just change the password every month or week cracking WiFi is useless could go to jail not to mention just get a job and pay for internet it doesn't cost that much good internet is like $25 a week who can't afford that that's 3 hours of work a week

  3. Will it be possible to start at a certain string ? For example, a password of say 8 letters characters, but I would to start the mask attack at cccccccc. What code should be used?


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