how to make matrix using notepad easy [hacker Screen] URdu/Hindi


in this video i described how to make matrix using notepad easy Urdu/Hindi. Hacker prank [hacker screen] no need of programming it is just simple trick any common people can do language in Urdu or Hindi. it is all about how Hacker pranks [hacker screen ]using matrix cmd. Make Matrix using cmd first you have to open the notepad. after that write Matrix notepad script then create matrix using notepad. how to make matrix in notepad. if you like my video i have a lot videos used for ethical hacking, how to make matrix hacker prank. some others Urdu Hindi videos

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  2. Hmmmmm, this was all over my head but that is not saying much. i can only count to to 11. I guess I won't be joining Mensa anytime soon :/


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