How to Pretend Like a Pro Hacker


How to pretend like a pro hacker, or become a pro hacker as you see in movies, this video shows you a movie like hacking, but it isn’t really hacking, this is all about faking that you are a pro hacker.

You can pretend like a hacker in front of your friends or in school and college if they don’t know about it, they assume that you are doing something wrong like a hacker.

Using geektyper which is basically a hacker typer and you can enable the hacker screen. All hacking sound and noise are added manually.

Or you can use this to prank your friends, just go to their computer and start doing it they gonna scream on you.

This is a fake screen of hacking as you see in movies, it is completely harmless.

This is not a technical trick but a simple site with lots of such options, I added all the music manually except beep sound.

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  2. How to pretend to be a hacker? Bruh use a real unix terminal obviously with the correct interface, and nothing there is even accurate wanna pretend to be one? Learn to code and use ubuntu or kali linux or whatever.

  3. LMFAO this is not at all what hacking look likes it’s usually just a plain command prompt/terminal and doesn’t have any special “programs” like “password hacker” or whatever it’s just brute force, keylogging or phishing and u wouldn’t hack a country cuz that’s like they gonna find ur ip no matter what so lol

  4. This website loads for like 10 minutes and then after all that, the only thing that works is full screen, if you type, nothing, tab or f2, nothing…


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