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Hack: The Green Comet
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Music might be a lil weird in this video when it comes to donation requests. There was a recording error on my side when this was streamed. Hope it’s still enjoyable

ヽ(〃・ω・)ノFeel free to make fun of people who ask questions answered in the descriptions.

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  1. Youtube keeps unsubbing me from you for some reason, I watch your videos more than any other channel to. Maybe its a visual bug and its not actually unsubbing me? When you ask why im not subscribed at the beginning of your videos im just as confused as you.

  2. theres no real hints of enemies or bowser's presence, so the cake on top of the icing for this would be to change the bowser laugh to like a normal mario death sound

  3. I had to go change the sign outside my house from “I always liked it” to “I’ve never liked” and then had to throw it away because that wasn’t true, I had liked it, just not all the time.

  4. 0:42 simps, it's a mario galaxy reference, this entire rom-hack is a goddamn mario galaxy reference
    the only thing who miss here is Luigi being playable

  5. Is the music different from what is supposed to be playing because copyright shenanigans when streaming/uploading or is it just another 800 iq simpleflips move to have the wrong name up as a joke?

  6. This was released like 2 months ago and i swear that you played this like a month ago…..and you are publishing this video now?


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