IKEA Rast Chest Hack Like A Boss!


This was by far my favorite project..my husband also agrees LOL I wanted a TV stand/entertainment piece that no one else had & one that was also customized to my style & our living room. The IKEA Rast Chest originally comes with 3 drawers but we didn’t include the top drawer & made a shelf instead to store our gaming system & games. We used the bottom drawers to store our throwback DVDs & some board games. We will have more furniture projects coming soon for our guest bedroom 🙂 We hope you liked this Ikea Rast Hack 🙂
Check out our very 1st video, IKEA Lack Table Hack:

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  1. So cute my fiancé and I love doing projects and I re discovered the rast drawers for our twins room. Can’t wait to start on it good job! #newsubbie

  2. I have been thinking of combining two Rast dressers but adding painted black metal moulding for an industrial chic along the joint & at the corners. I like the idea of leaving the top space open like you did… but what about that drawer you put the wood on… is it still functional? How thick was the plywood on the bottom, is the cabinet bowing at all? I know I’m over thinking this but I was considering an extra pair of legs in the middle.


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