Is Gamekit a scam? (FREE STEAM GAMES)


Is the website Gamekit legit and can you really get a free game? Will the game be as dull as the website? Let’s find out.

QC for Mind Snares: Alice’s Journey
Developer: World-Loom
Publisher: Artifex Mundi


Not For Nothing and Mean Streetz
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. simple realy. someone might have posted something like this but whatever: sett upp a page, buy a flopping cheap game for almost nothing say you get 1000 keys or even better just buy a game entierly so they have infinite keys set upp a system where people earn points by takining serveys and playing other games that sponsor this page because it gets them potentialy new players and decive the players into geting this cheap game that they think is random… perfect kinda ligal scheeme verry skummy and VERY proffitable

  2. i did everything they said and three premium codes and four days later they simply said i violated policy and banned me f gamekit to me its a big scam

  3. Honestly in 2020 it dose t seem bad I’m tryna get r6 and I quite like war thunder I haven’t gotten r6 yet but I’ll update I suppose

  4. Playing crossout is easy, it took me two days to get 9000 points, and the quests were 1) reach level 3 2)reach level 6 3)reach level 9

  5. It wasn't a scam, but it sure as hell is now. One of their current offers, Raid: Shadow Legends, straight up has an impossible first quest. There's no way to screenshot your login name with the hero levels (first quest is hero level 5), so they've tied me up in support while I kept stupidly playing the game thinking they would fix it. Edit: support finally fixed the problem, but the day after they fixed it, the website updated and TRIPLED the point cost for gift cards. At this point, the time versus reward ratio is too low to continue using them. I'll be cashing out my last points and calling it.

  6. Game kit is really not that bad though, an easy way to get points is surveys,
    They can be up to 30 mins and they are repeatable, what I do is I can listen to music and do the survey and you can spam random answers and get like 400 for pressing buttons, and you can enter into a token giveaway and if you win 1000-5000 points in the token giveaway you can use some token to enter another token giveaway and if you win just once then you have tokens coming in and you can get money I just got 15$ today for basically doing that the whole day

  7. i can tell you, Gamekit really isnt good to earn the rewards the it gives out
    even if it does sound good on paper you gotta think outside the website itself, i.e. The companies that are being affected
    nevertheless it is nearly impossible to complete and earn my reward on the website and i never play to do so since the quests and requirements are either so buggy or so absurd that Id rather find and get a job than do the quests here

  8. it work for me I don't know what your going on with and I got a lot of good games in that like gta5 and ets2 amd more

  9. this is the second time gamekit scam me …
    first of all i clicked on gamekit link and register an world of warship account and my first quest wasnt approved so i had to open a ticket and send proof.

    same for my second quest and now my 3th quest isnt approved saying i did something wrong during the registration process "I am afraid you must have done something wrong while registering your account and because of that our partners didn't receive any confirmation that you did it."

    all i have to do is one click then enter my informations so why saying your user is faulty? the real problem is your automatic system. he is broken and i already sent a proof about that one month ago about crossout game but still no anwser … but my ticket has been closed ??? seriously?

    if this is how gamekit treat their user i'll just redeem my point and bye bye

    so here the proof about crossout and thats the way i use to register game so no adblock or everything similar on edge

    now i completed 2 battles

    now i input my username

    yeah gamekit system 100% work lol the problem cannot be the system the real problem is gamekit users lol

  10. YES it's a SCAM
    I've been there a couple of days. And all I've gotten is LAME EXCUSES for DENIAL reply's, for doing Quest's. Good luck getting anywhere with them.

  11. For everyone who klicked on the Video in 2019
    WarThunder tasks is winning 1. 5Fights
    2. 10Fights 3. 12Fights 4. 15Fights
    Its easy
    I also ordered a 2€ steam card
    It will took a bit of time but i will write another comment if i get it👍

  12. i loved atmosphere when i was a kid every time i saw the adverts on the tele i shit myself looking at the guy in the hood you are talking about in the vid lol

  13. when your getting random games of course its a scam youre probably going to get what you hate but if your going for a direct game, minecraft, overwatch, r6s, csgo, totally worth it. Those war thunder challenges I am doing right now, im on quest 3 they are literally just win games, quest 1 was win 5, quest 2 was win 7, and quest 3 was win 10. not that hard i just join a match and afk.


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