Is Gamekit Actually Legit? 2019 Review! (Not Sponsored, Honest Opinion)


Thanks a bunch for watching guys! Glad to see you here in the description. One thing I forgot to mention, Gamekit is available for Android and IOS (I’m not sure about IOS, but I think so.) Here’s the link if you want to sign up (I really hope you do!)

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Just get some points and make a small purchase! If you have any questions, make sure to comment down below and I will answer them.

(I know providing a link is kinda suspicious, but I swear I’m not sponsored!)

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  1. dang i wish you had ads you a good yter you will be bigger than pewdiepie (at least u should be) youve earned my sub

  2. bro i know this vid is old but can you close the tab while its checking the screenshot? cus i always close my laptop

  3. funny cause it is stealing your info behind your back please do not do it its a virus please dont get it its bad

  4. He just admitted to having a script at the end. I’ve used it for a full day and raised 12,000+ points and when I went to go redeem the whole page said no content found contact support. Meaning I wasn’t able to redeem the points I received. This website is bs! Don’t waste your time!!

  5. a friend of mine use this website and he has bought every single one of his games with the money he get from this website 😂 I wish I had a decent computer to be able to play the games the website make you play…

  6. aight deadass.. how tf this kid got such incredible editing??? I mean like he got background music and everything. Usually kids get on youtube and they fucking annoying and banging the mic and screaming and shit. This kid is calm, collected, and knows what he wants to say. He's not annoying.. he gets to the point.. and does a good job. I can see this man blowing up as long and he can mix things and really be different, other than that you on the way to being a star. Keep that shit up man and if you wanna hmu sometime lemme know

  7. I must say i expected it worst but then i heard you talking And i was impresed. Good luck in future And thanks for video


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