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Little Panda’s Hero Battle Game
BabyBus Kids Games
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Danger is upon us, and world peace is being destroyed by four powerful enemies. Our superheroes are preparing for battle!

You can choose from four heroes: Super Panda, Wonderwoman, Elf of Nature, and Robot Warrior. They have different skills with which they can withstand the attacks of the enemy. The enemy can only be defeated with consecutive attacks.

You must keep your hero running past the forest and the tunnels all the way to the battlefield;

Collect energy!
Don’t miss out on the coins, which can be used to buy even more powerful and cool equipment for your hero. Stock up on Energy Hearts so that your hero can fall back on plenty during battle;

Dodge attacks!
The enemy will launch its attacks, and so you have to drag your hero in order to dodge. Only this way will you have chances of winning;

The battle
Charge! Your hero will use his or her skills to attack the enemy repeatedly. You win when the enemy’s energy level hits zero!

This is a game that is specially designed for children. It helps children to summon up their courage and be brave enough to face and challenge the difficulties that crop up in everyday life.

BabyBus seeks to inspire children and to help them uncover their individual interests with a focus on the growth of the young child in five areas: health, language, society, science, and the arts. We have taken the essence of Montessori education and designed our products in accordance with various stages of left-brain/right-brand development at various ages, the child’s characteristics at various sensitive periods, and the learning focus in question. We are committed to the building of a diverse product offering that caters to children of various ages and which helps them to build up various capabilities. Our products help children to engage in independent thinking and free learning even as they enjoy the pleasure of exploring the world.


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