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The Earth is Not Alone:
LIVING UNIVERSE is an interstellar adventure that seeks to answer the most profound question of all: are we alone? Based on the latest scientific knowledge, we will take a journey to a planet beyond our solar system in search of life.

We ask the world’s leading space scientists what we might find if we travel to a neighboring star system. Recent breakthroughs have proven that every star we see in the sky is orbited by at least one planet, many similar to our own Earth. How do we get to these “exoplanets”? Once there, what will we find? And what will it mean for humanity when we discover we are not alone?

Our speculative journey through space is set a hundred years in the future – when we have the technology to journey well beyond our solar system. On this first expedition, our star ship Aurora will be piloted not by astronauts, but by the artificial intelligence (A.I.) we call Artemis. We imagine how Artemis travels through space, on its 25-year journey, at one fifth of the speed of light. Its objective is Minerva B, a planet much like our own, with an atmosphere, temperature and liquid water that appears a likely candidate to contain life.

With spectacular special effects we will reach and explore a new planet as we seek to answer the most profound question of all: are we alone in the universe? Our guides on this journey are narrator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and as the voice of our AI, Artemis, real-life astrophysicist, Professor Tamara Davis.

Inspired and informed by our rapidly developing knowledge of far-off worlds, our best scientists – including NASA engineers, astrophysicists and astronomers – we will discover that this amazing journey is not only possible, it is inevitable. To venture into distant space is our destiny.

LIVING UNIVERSE captures a pivotal moment in the human story. A film full of insight and inspiration certain to thrill anyone who dreams of distant worlds, or have ever wondered why are we here?

Have you ever wondered that someone like you, sitting less than a mile away, in some other universe, exists? The possibility in itself seems frightening as well as astonishing.

“From breaking news and intriguing historical documentaries to conspiracy theories, classified NASA files and UFO’s. We provide you with material that the government doesn’t want you to see.” The Insomnia team comes up with a promise. To keep up with the same, the team now brings to us a documentary that aims to change your perspective Of another existence, of another possibility, as today, the scientists now believe there may really be the presence of a parallel universe – and in fact, also believe that there may be an infinite number of parallel universes, and where we live today just happens to be only one of them and many of these other parallel universes come with different laws of physics as well.

These other universes that we are talking about not only contain space, time and strange forms of exotic matter but to surprise you, Some of them may even contain you, only maybe in a slightly different form. The thought itself is quite intriguing and scary on the same hand. The basis of this theory is as we know it the idea that parallel universes are constantly spinning off from reality that we humans know of. “Though generally ignored at the time, that theory has gone on to become not just a popular topic of study among respected physicists, but the inspiration for such popular films, television shows, and books as Star Trek and The Golden Compass.” according to the sources.

The video soon progresses into the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), that is now changing everything, as some say that the remarkable images reveal the true shape of the universe through baby pictures of the same from the time when it was 4 hundred thousand years old, looking so back in time, when there wasn’t even the formation of galaxies yet. The WMAP is catching the very first signs of creation as it is officially tagged with measuring radiation that is left over from Big Bang. And now scientists have devised an experiment to find the overall true shape of the universe. The WMAP hence shows that the universe is flat. From here arises the possibility of more mind boggling parallel universe that are of the level-2 type and is made up of giant cosmic soap bubbles that float in hyperspace. Each of these bubbles within it has a whole universe. Now, the question that arises is that – Do we all live in a giant cosmic bubble?

Journey to another stars
finding lives on other planets


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  1. They're talking and trying to discover light-years distant planets but until now these scientists are still puzzled with our own solar system. A waste of time. Reality is, even human find one, there's no way we could go there as our space technology to make it possible and travel to atleast a light-year distant planet is 0.00000000001% into reality.

  2. The big challenge is not to bring any Earth bacteria, virus, cell, DNA to this exoplanet because it will be catastrophic. Potentially it may totally destroy its ecosystem and life. I'd rather we die than destroy some other world.

  3. I hope we can use the theoretical warp drive that contracts and expands space-time so no need to slow down or speed up. Or wormhole our way there.

  4. First exoplanet? Wasn't that in 1992 around PSR 1257+12?

    "Not a good place for life"? Prove it. Not for life as we know it , maybe. What arrogance.

  5. Can't access the High Definition, please help me out if there is another link of same video in HD. Shall be very thankful to you

  6. BY FAR, the best Space documentary I've seen… It took me a while to find, as it doesn't seem to be available to watch online. I got it here: Fantastic documentary… I could watch it over and over again… Awesome!!

  7. Lifa didn't evolve on Earth, so it will never do the same on exo-planets.. We literally have overwhelming scientific proof that life doesn't evolve… All over the word, atheist scientists not motivated by religion are all revealing the truth about Darwinian evolution.. Life can't be spontaneously generated from non life… Also, mindless products of natural law absolutely can not create life, and give things purpose.. My hand has a purpose, my hair, my cells in my body are an organic super city and have a purpose.. My eyes have a purpose.. My organs ALL have a purpose.. The sun has a purpose.. The moon has a purpose.. Every animal fits perfect into their extremely complex ecosystem and if removed can harm the entire ecosystem of a particular region… My point is every animal, every part of our bodies, every plant etc etc all has a purpose, and giving purpose required intent from a mind… predators are designed to hunt, prey animals have shells, horns, antlers, thick skin, powerful kicks, quills, poison skin etc etc all INTENDED as defense.. This requires an a mental source.. intelligence to give anything a purpose.. Because (again) mindless products of natural law can't create and can NOT create things with purpose

  8. Maybe if we take care of our own planet, our species may be around long enough to answer the nagging question, are we alone?

  9. I don't think human race is very intelligent, extinction event is quite possibly nearby, we fight amongst ourselves, rich are getting richer on the backs of poor people, I think human race is primtive, maybe in the near future we will become intelligent, unity in diversity is needed for our own survival.

  10. 3:19:20 Well, thanks… Bitch!

    I'm sorry, ARTEMIS. I didn't mean to snap. I'm just a little frustrated.

  11. I made a joke about my girlfriend taking 3 and half hours to get ready.

    I'm single now.

    Kidding. I'm an enzyme, and therefore incapable of sustaining relationships.

  12. Like this comment if you're playing this video to fall asleep to at night like me, my husband, and our daughter👍🏼
    Considering all of these comments are from 1+ year ago and mine will be the most recent, I just want to say that I listen to this documentary EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. When I was pregnant with my daughter I would play this to rpelax and fall asleep to every night she would start kicking like crazy then just stop and go to sleep! My daughter, Octavia is 4 months old now and the ONLY way she is able to go to sleep is if I play this documentary for her at bedtime. Like mother-Like daughter ❤

    Also.. the damm title has been bothering me for over a year now, I don't even look for this documentary by title anymore because of that. I just look for the picture now 😅

  13. The dogon people in MALI AFRICA have travelled to siri A. They've knew where it was for centuries without the use of technology. Look them up. I wouldn't be surprised if i get killed 4 writing this. SERIOUSLY the western world wouldn't dare even do anything to MALI, thats FACT

  14. Why did people think there are only a few stars having planets in our galaxy or the universe? If we use common sense and look at our solar system, we should actually deduct that most stars our suns size should carry about 8 planets. The bigger the sun, we can think that due to gravity there would be even more planets around it. Smaller stars, less planets.

  15. Moving between planets, use planetary slingshot.
    Moving between stars, use star to slingshot. (Like the sun) Now… I did read about the slingshot not really being of use, as the sun is our "un-moving" center of the the solar system, but the sun itself is moving extremely fast and we are not the center of the other stars. So using it as slingshot would work. Moving between galaxies… the central black hole as slingshot. Those are our windows of opportunity. Traveling further and further would need stronger forces of gravity for the slingshot.
    We must definitely explore space, though I seriously doubt there is other life in the UNIVERSE.

  16. Децата на Јупитер доаѓаат, ми добијам. Јас ти пишувам во моите архиви.

  17. when it comes to tess they could use it to explore our oceans they know more about space than they do our own oceans; we cant even take care of our own planet what makes you think that we could take care of another planet; do you people know how many times the james webb telescope was supposed to be launched about 6 times and it still hasnt been launched

  18. I want to know some things and things is that
    How we can measure
    (1) .the actual size/mass of the any planet or star.
    (2). Accurate Distance of planet.
    #### I think we can get 2xLight speed if two diffrent lights or electromagnetic waves who repulse to each other ####

    Please I anyone know answer of 1&2 question please respond me
    Thank you 😊

  19. …aaaand still nothing. Not a beep, not 1 whisper. The aliens communicating in strictly undetectable ways? Maybe we really are all alone.

  20. “I am Artemis
    Autonomous robotic exploration for interstellar space
    I am born of Man and Woman
    And I am both”

    Artemis is Transgender.


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