Mr. Robot Hack – Password Cracking – Episode 1


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Mr. Robot – In this video, I’ll show you the real world hacking techniques to perform the attacks Elliot utilizes in episode #1 of Mr. Robot. Elliot uses a social engineering attack with a brute-force password attack. This information is to be used for educational and ethical reasons. I am not responsible for your stupid behavior.

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This video content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. The content within this video is meant to educate viewers on cyber security topics, methodologies, and tactics to better protect against cyber security threats. Don’t be evil.


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  3. Hello can you help me…can you hash this code ( b3bafef6b2056b8ec26de0571c6a6a3df916cadce878f02818ad0cf13dd49b554bfa2518c6092de2e81286f2c683ee2fd2859303ad6cabf72e96169920db5611)…thaks

  4. I am getting error as : rockyou-30000.rule: No such file or directory
    Could you please help me out. waiting for reply.

  5. Thats why I use 3x md5 encryption on my website. That mean every password is length 32 characters. Is 3x more safer😂. And 3x more harder to hack😂

  6. Elliot used the informations given by his victim to guide his script which you didn't do here, you basically just ran a dictionnary attack on your example hashes

  7. Dude, how will you get the encrypted password? And even if you will, famous services like google or facebook have much more

    сomplicated encryption system than just md5 hash.


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