My Favorite Place in Vietnam: Tam Coc // Ninh Binh, Vietnam


After four straight days of non-stop travel, I arrived at my final destination before Hanoi: Tam Coc. This area near Ninh Binh, Vietnam is just stunning!
Imagine the famous Ha Long Bay with its tall, narrow limestone peaks jutting out of the water, but instead of water, there were lush green rice fields. Also, less tourists… That’s Tam Coc!

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I arrived in Ninh Binh after spending the night in a sleeper car on a train from Dong Hoi. I wasn’t sure if I’d find a place to store my bag, but immediately I saw signs to a place that would take them and rent me a bike. From there, I rode to Tam Coc and found myself surrounded by an emerald dream. The landscape was absolutely stunning!
I made my way to Bich Dong Pagoda, the home of three historic temples built into a mountain. Then, I biked along the river to watch the tourists who rented boats float through the countryside. I took a break from bike riding to at Thai Vi Temple, a isolated, quiet retreat in the middle of a valley. And then I climbed up the most stunning view of Tam Coc at Hang Mua, where I got to take in all the the gorgeousness of this beautiful place.

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  1. nice video. at the end of the video, you said you almost missed your bus? did you book it prior to your arrival to Ninh Binh? or there's only one schedule to depart in the afternoon each day? Thanks

  2. If I were you, I would try on these boats, too. You are so strong. By the way, it's a beautiful place in our country!

  3. Just booked an Airbnb to Ninh Binh Tam Coc in 3 days. Hanoi is my favourite city but I’m hoping Tam Coc would change that!

  4. Hi everybody , welcome to Viet Nam , welcome to Ninh Binh

    Ninh Binh is a countryside province in North Vietnam, located around 2 hours of driving from Hanoi. Ninh Binh earns its reputation for the nearby Karst scenery which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. You can expect to enjoy the refreshing air, spectacular landscapes, and historical sites when you plan a trip to Ninh Binh.

    The most popular activity for tourists in Ninh Binh is to take a sampan boat trip along its beautiful and complex system of rivers including Tam Coc, Trang An, Van Long, and Thung Nham. Ninh Binh is also regarded as an important spiritual centre of the country with its several pagodas and temples such as Hoa Lu, Bai Dinh (ancient pagoda) and Bai Dinh (new and also the largest pagoda complex in Vietnam), Bich Dong, and Phat Diem Cathedral. For nature lovers, Ninh Binh also hosts Cuc Phuong National Park – one of the very first and most important ecological system of Vietnam. Due to its diversity of sites, many tourists choose to spend multiple days in Ninh Binh to be able to visit more than one of them.

    The Sinh Cafe Tour online introduce to your about our tour go to Ninh Binh , You can chose 1 day with some options :
    + opt1 : Bai Dinh pagoda – Trang An Eco-tourism ,
    +opt 2 : Hoa Lu Temple – Tam Coc
    +opt 3 : Bai Dinh pagoda – Trang An Eco-tourism – Mua Cave
    +opt 4 : Hoa Lu Temple – Tam Coc – Mua Cave

    Moreover, we have option for 2 days 1 night sleep on bungalow/ hotel , you have more time to discovery amazing thing in Ninh Binh.

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  5. Hello JP, Thank you for the Video. How difficult is it to climb to the Hang Mua View point. I will be visiting in April, so it may be similar weather conditions. How many steps and how long did it take you. I am 60 years old. Thank you

  6. Not sure if you're reading this but thanks for the video JP. I actually wanted to go to Halong Bay in my upcoming Vietnam trip next year but then looking at this video I decided that Ninh Binh is where I'll be going. Not really a fan of cruise and they said that Halong Bay has become so touristy! I'll be spending a night in Ninh Binh and hopefully can really explore the area. You didn't seem to stay for a night in there but maybe you have any recommendations on places to stay?

  7. Hi nice meeting online,,you cool man.Like to comm some time…Im from Cape Town like to know you better….Enjoy your trip..Vietnam is spectacular in its green lanscapes and majestic green mountains…

  8. Ninh Binh in other site :

  9. I hate these tourists walking into revered places without much respect for local culture. At least Vietnamese people are chilled. Try do that in an Islamic country and there will be consequences.

  10. Hey…nice video. I am also gonna visit Vietnam in September. Would you please tell me from where did you start for Ninh Binh?

  11. Oh my goodness! We are so glad to find your channel. The Ninh Binh episode was amazing! One of our favorite places we have ever visited while traveling as well. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Went to Tam Coc back in 2002. Going again this summer. Loved your video – you captured beautifully the essence of Tam Coc – the view was awesome – definitely didn't do the hike up the mountain but did do the river. Go to Halong if you're ever back to my favorite country on the planet, Vietnam!!

  13. Jp, I love your videos!

    I have a question…

    What's the best way to travel around Vietnam when you're on a budget?
    For example how much is a sleeper train or sleeper bus?

    Hope life is going well 👍🏼

  14. Great video – thank you… Did you have a map or – how did you know where you were going? We'll be there next week – looking for advice!

  15. Great job as usual JP! We used your video as help to explore Ninh Binh and just finished our drone highlight video of Ninh Binh. Working on our vlog as well, thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Welcome to VietNam. We all love you, love foreigner friends.

  17. Anh dễ thương quá 😍 Cảm ơn anh đã giới thiệu những kỳ quan tươi đẹp của đất nước Viet Nam!

  18. When did you travel? In which mouth I mean? The scenery is just amazing. How lucky you are! You really encourage me to travel without travel agency.


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