[PES 2017] PTE Patch 7.0 (Unofficial by Fast Eagle) | install + Correct Order of CPK files


The PTE Patch 7.0 is released for PES 2017 by Fast Eagle as a new unofficial PTE Patch for PES 2017. PTE Patch 7.0 for PES 2017 comes with new Season 2018 Transfers and new Kits for major big teams , also new Scoreboard, new balls and new features. I will show you also the correct order of CPK files for PTE Patch 7.0 . This PTE Patch 7.0 is only an update not a full patch for PES 2017. So make sure you have PTE 6.0 AND PTE 6.1 installed before. This video will guide you how to Install the PES 2017 PTE Patch 7.0 on PC, so follow it carefully to avoid errors! Download links are below:

►► New PTE Patch 7.1 Unofficial by Del Choc:

►► Buy PES 2017 for 7 dollars only (Limited Time):

►► Subscribe to Fast eagle:

►►► Tutorial of PTE Patch 6.0 for PES 2017:

►►► Tutorial of PTE Patch 6.1 for PES 2017:

►►► Download Links of Patch PTE 7.0 in my Article :

►► Add CPK for first time settings:

►► ► PES 2018 Mod for PES 2017:

►► ► Auto Switcher V 5.1 for PES 2017:

►► PES 2017 Ultra Pack 402 Tattoos + 460 Faces by BMS:

►► PTE Stadiums Pack 2.0:

►► If you can’t access download links then check my Article :

►► PES 2017 Free Myclub:

►► PES 2017 Crowd Disabler:

► Stadiums Pack by DonyAvia:

►► Chants Pack v2 :

► HD Pitch Online FMODs:

► PES 2017 Change Music:

► PES 2017 Free Kick Tutorial:

►PES 2017 Fix Lag:


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► My Facebook Page:

► PTE Team Blog website:

► Credits:

ALLAH SWT, Konami, PTE Patch Team, Ahmed Kralani, De_vo17, EsLaM , Mo Ha, Estarlen Silva, Aziz Setiono, mauri_d, WER Facemaker, DanielValencia_EA, EmreT, Sameh Momen, Ahmed El Shenawy, nuron indra, Bebo Facemaker, AbdoMohamed, Jonathan Facemaker, nanilincol 44. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

► Music Credits :

Track 1 : CØDE – We’re Invincible (feat. Joseph Feinstein) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Song 2 : Dread Pitt – Pyro [NCS Release]
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Song 3: Warrio – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
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  1. after long time not playing this game i just installed the game yesterday. I have a question, whats others 18.cpk does ? i mean, is the transfer update contained there ? i dont like the pes 2018 menu cpk, and the font just too small.

  2. hey, bruv thankz for the great work but do you know how to fix no sound when playing a match? I mean when I started playing games there is no pitch sounds, commentary etc. hope you see this

  3. I just updated ptepatch. 7.0 pes 2017. but why when playing games like traffic jams, I am afraid of updating 7.1 and 7.2. please help my problem

  4. hello del choc
    your pte 6.0 and 6.1 worked perfectly
    but when i installed 7.0 the game is opening but in the lobby there is no data
    after starting the match the game is stuck at the loading screen please help me
    i am in trouble

  5. can anybody help me maybe?
    i cant find others document except the 'download' document on PES 2017 installation folder, such as 'PTE' and 'mode' folder, so i cant find the 'Offline Mode' document

    thanks in advance
    cheers 🙂

  6. Please help me del choc
    Mega link for part 3 is not working and the google drive ( single link ) had exceeded the quota to download.

  7. I'm trying to download
    the Mega Link 3:

    [PES17] Unofficial PTE Patch 2017 7.0 – RELEASED 06.02.2018 by Fast Eagle.part3

    But it keeps showing me "Temporary error, retrying." and i have been retrying for a couple of hours now.
    I'm trying to reach 7.1 update, but i can't reach it till i update 7.0 first, right?

  8. Will you help me by giving link of pte patch 6.1 and 7.0. The link in this video is denied. So please please please give me link of pte patch 6.1 and 7.0

  9. all the mega links gave me error while trying to download them (im using megadownloader 1.7) is there a solution or other links ? please


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