r/Confession I Caused a UFO Scare With This Simple Life Hack!


r/Confession On a lazy summer day, OP and his friends to try a fun little science experiment that they learned about in school. They tape together some garbage bags to create a long, hollow plastic tube, which they leave out in the sun. The sun heats up the bag, causing it to float off. The bag looks like a long black snake slowly slithering through the sky, and it creates a UFO scare the next town over! Oops! If you like this video and want to see more like it, subscribe to my channel for more daily Reddit videos!

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“Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
License: CC By Attribution 3.0

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  1. On the second story I thought that the bully was gonna be the one beating up a kid… NOPE!

    Btw OP seems like a shit teacher

  2. Confession in 4th grade i held some tissue under my butt pooped in it and placed the pooped in tissue on top of the toilet paper holder then left the bathroom. Anytime someone mentioned it i would laugh really hard but just claim i saw it as well and thought it was really funny so people wouldn't suspect me. I never got into any trouble.

  3. In elementary school (maybe 3rd grade) I went missing once when I went to the bathroom. The bathroom was all the way in the middle of the school and class was near an end, it was a straight line building. I never knew what everyone else’s thoughts were but I know some things. I know that I went to the bathroom, and in the stall I flushed it….a lot of times. It was one of those flush handles that’s like a sideways joystick I think. Not sure why I did that but probably just to see what would happen. Well, it WOULDN’T STOP. I was scared that I’d get in trouble if it overflowed or something, so I stayed there as it kept flushing back to back to back to back. I didn’t keep toggling it after the initial round but I guess it logged all those toggles and was doing them all. Not sure how long I was in there but I only left it because the school day was ending, I think, or maybe somebody asked into the bathroom if I was in there. (It was around 13 years ago, detail elude me) When I left the bathroom my teacher was there and had been looking for me, I’m pretty sure I remember she was in tears because she had been worried because I left class and had never returned. I don’t think I went into details, just said the toilet kept flushing and I didn’t want to leave. I probably told her that I toggled it a few times, underselling it but also informing. She wasn’t so concerned about the toilet, just me. Never got in trouble for it, and I assume it eventually stopped flushing. It hadn’t stopped when I left.

  4. Confession….

    I once…. made out with my bestfriend and then I made out with her boyfriend, he doesn't know I made out with her, and she doesnt know I made out with him, I still feel weird because of it, I only made out with her because she said she would give me 30 dollars, she did give me it, and I made out with her boyfriend because he was the rich kid, and would always buy me stuff behind her back, I feel so spoiled and i cant believe i was like that a long time ago, yes I'm still her bestfriend, yes he still buys me stuff,yes.. they still dont know I made out with both of them behind their backs, I feel so stupid and spoiled, but I mean- atleast they dont know, they might find out soon?

  5. The story about the trash bag made me laugh pretty hard. In my small hom town the elementary school was acrossed the street from the middle school track and foot ball field. When I was playing outside I happened to look over and see a bunch of middle schoolers and a teacher gathered around a giant black thing that they were blowing up. The same kind of balloon in the story. It got away from then and started flying over the town. The military base dispatched a couple planes to check out the situation. Three years later, when I was in middle school. I had the same science teacher who told us about this experiment he used to to with his class…….but he is not allowed to do them anymore because of that incident. I started laughing in class because I realized I had witnessed the whole thing.

  6. To the first story, regrets like that are common with addicts who are regularly faced with some poor decision they made while using. It sounds messed up, it is messed up, but that's the thing about addiction, what you do on your drug of choice is going to be messed up.

  7. 3:27 I had a classmate like this who stood in the middle of the basketball court trying to annoy my friends as per usual. Then, my friend had finally had it with him, and he broke his ankle, and there weren’t security cameras or anything to prove that he did it, and everyone hated the kid so they vouched for my friend. The kid was on crutches for winter break, and we all felt bad after, and my friend made sure to apologize, and even invited him to hang out a few times, but the kid eventually found new friends.

  8. To all is you who wanted to reach the article about the UFO, here:

  9. well i mean it wasn't a fake ufo, to all those people they had no idea what the hell it was, so that made it an unidentified flying object.

  10. I used to live in Central NJ and don't remember hearing anything about this. I'd love to know which town or county.


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