Seed Starting HACK Like NO Other! Grow in Plastic Bag w/Coffee Cup-Can-Flower Pot Plants & Cuttings


DIY How To start seeds (and root cuttings like tree cuttings or rose cuttings) for Vegetable Garden indoors (and outdoors) the Fun & Easy way, this Plastic Bag method is so easy anyone can do this to start seeds, gather volunteer plants, root plants and do cuttings like, tomatoes, kale and roses, yes rose cuttings and fig tree cuttings. With my Plastic bag method, you can grow in wine glasses, fancy china, tea cup, coffee cup, small pot, tin can, plastic cup, vintage cup, whatever you want to use and display as your plants grow and take root. Almost fool proof, great to retain water for young plants, can be put on a window sill in “indirect sunlight” not full hot sunlight at first, a table or counter, patio, most anywhere, and who does not have tons of coffee cups or tin cans. Too fun, lets make growing fun and of course EASY! (Can make a great gift too)

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  1. What great ideas; simple, inexpensive, tested, easy. I like easy. You are a gardening genius, Robbie! Then to make your video even nicer-you always make me laugh. I realize you probably don’t plan the videos with that in mind, but I always find myself laughing. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings

  2. Great advice! And how do you attract all of those lively hummingbirds? What are you putting in the birdfeeders…lol

  3. You are amazing, always coming up with such innovative and fun ideas! You have such incredible success with your growing. Love the 'new' set! Will definitely try this out. You are such an inspiration to everyone!

  4. I've been using stacked plastic bottles. This has water storage. Mug disallows visual water level checking and can't get greenhouse effect, but better than nothing.

  5. Love this!!! I am in NC and in the country and we raise alot of our food. Thanks!! And love your Hummingbirds! Can wait to see more from you!! Take Care!!

  6. I've used cans before and they work very nicely. I didn't want the "can look" on my window sill, so I made a fabric band to go around it and used Velcro (the stick on type) to secure it. It was washable if, for some reason it got soiled, then just dried it. Made a wonderfully colorful window sill garden.

  7. Thank you Robbie for the double bag tip! It will save a lot of cleaning of containers! Hugs! Beautiful setting for your video!

  8. Great ideas and tips. I'm just getting ready to start seeds and these ideas are at a perfect time. Thank you for all the great ideas I have turned our back yard into a food wonderland thanks to your channel. I compost everything even the neighbors leaves they put out for the trash.

  9. I'm in NC I wish my hummingbirds would stay all year. But I have flowers growing inside by light getting them ready for the birds return.

  10. Robbie, as I've said before I love your ideas and your videos. However I have something I would like to urge you to consider. Plastic is a SERIOUS problem and it takes hundreds of years to decompose. We are leaving an impossible legacy. Plastic basically does not recycle, very little makes it to recycling and even then can only be recycled once. So, I cant support your (actually clever) idea of more little baggies. When you are through and you've grown your seedling . . . throwing away those baggies is not "away" – they go somewhere and stay for hundreds of years before decomposing. Tin decomposes, glass recycles, paper decomposes quickly, those wonderful coconut fiber pots decompose . . .plastic does not. I still use the large plastic containers – as you do – but always from pre-used so I am at least not adding more plastic but using it again. Those small waxed paper cups are a much better option and will decompose reasonably.

  11. I love you and all of your videos. Thank-you for the excellentent info you put out. One small suggestion, sorry, could you get a mic that you wear so you wouldn't have to yell?

  12. How clever! Soon as I get my eye surgery so that I can see what I'm doing I'm going to definitely try this! It must be lovely to have so many hummingbirds are right outside your window how clever! soon as I get my eye surgeries but I can see what I'm doing I'm going to definitely try this! it must be lovely to have so many hummingbirds right outside your window. God bless you love your Channel have a great day


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