Solo Sniper! – Ring of Elysium (RoE)


Back on RoE playing solo and using bolt-action snipers as much as I can. 😀

This video is in partnership with Asus RoG.

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Calling It Out (Instrumental Version) – Sebastian Forslund

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36 thoughts on “Solo Sniper! – Ring of Elysium (RoE)

  1. This game looks kinda of fun to play… Mechanic are bi similar to pubg….. BTW those it has a mobile version…

  2. aculite: "sees one pixel of an enemy"
    also aculite: THERE HE IS!

    pls tell me where to get nanotech eyes

  3. When RoE is a literal copy of pubg, but pubg decides to sue fortnite for being a battle Royale game: you are dumber than the dumbest of the dumb

  4. That the best fucking ending i've seen in a video so far… My god, glad i decided to check this video out after so much time…

  5. One hand holding the glider , the other shooting full auto mp5 , gosh, Rambo shit right there Too goood

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