Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Hack – Cold Brew That Tastes Like a Wendy’s Frosty!


Stetson’s back at it! This time, though, he’s not in the kitchen… but instead hacking the Starbucks menu! Love enjoying a Wendy’s Frosty? Well, now you can enjoy a similar caffienated version at Starbucks. Yes, really!

It’s no surprise that this special order drink is going viral! Similar to our popular whipped instant coffee ( this Starbucks drink is what speaks to people. Topped with a layer of perfectly whipped and sweetened cold foam, it’s going to leave your taste buds feeling like they just dove into a caffeinated Wendy’s Frosty. YUM!

Ready to order? Here’s what you need to say to your Starbucks barista:
“I’d like a grande cold brew with 4 pumps of marshmallow and a splash of cream. Then for the cold foam, please blend heavy cream with 1 scoop of vanilla bean powder and 1 pump of mocha, and pour over the top of the cold brew, please!”

For all the details, be sure to head to this post –

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