Starfield – 2 hours Deep Space Travel- Interstellar Mindfulness, Relax, Meditate, Chill


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Starfield, a mesmerizing space journey through infinite stars.

Experience interstellar travel from the comfort of your own stardeck.
A panorama of stars fly by your starship window, endlessly, as you travel through space. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, spa, mindfulness, yoga- a calming sensation Starfield- galactic space travel in motion.
Is there nothing more beautiful than gazing at stars in the night sky? Well maybe one thing- traveling aimlessly through a starfield…embarking on an endless journey to destinations light years across the galaxy.
Fire up the plasma jets, engage the hyper stellar drive engines, and steer a course on an infinite space journey across the universe, traversing a constant incoming field of stars and distant galaxies. We’ll see you on the other side, at the intersection of Andromeda and the Milky Way. Don’t be late.

Music by Zenpurity

Underscored by original soundtracks, Zenchantment takes ambient soundscapes into a decidedly hypnotic, meditational direction; fusing quiet, mood induced textures into a visual sound collage.
Together, the minimal soundtracks and sublime scenery convey the fragile and temporal beauty of nature’s handiwork in flux.
Experience transcendent moments of nature that evoke the reverential and the serene. Experience the visual poetry of life.
Experience Zenchantment.
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  1. It looks like sugar spilling on the floor what if we are atoms and we are sugar when someone in a different universe spilt it

  2. Stardate. 5678.1. The Enterprise went through a time vortex and entered a region of space that resembles an early 1990’s screen saver. Instruments indicate that there is no Coronavirus to be found

  3. The Paradox of God Perfection: "I Am That so That all my lovers be returning forever back to me from whence we all came forth:
    Alpha…comes…Omega…come…Alpha…come…Omega. The microcosmic human consciousness is now become again the
    macrocosmic consciousness. ie. Paradox Perfected.
    I am That God I am…while our "kissing angels" jealously, happily, snuggly cling to their kissing invulnerabilities. Just high borne slaves.

  4. This almost made me feel like I was traveling through space, but could never quite shake the feeling that I was watching an endless explosion of polystyrene in super slo-mo instead. But hey, I've been watching it for an hour now so it's doing something right.

  5. Thank you. "My hope for you is that as you travel through the universe of existence you will ever become acquainted with new and wonderful significances; that your knowledge will ever be increased – knowledge without limitation;.." ~ Abdu'l Baha, Baha'i Faith

  6. Almost 4 years after the fact, and Mike Bloomberg's ads are so prevalent that they've invaded outer space.


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