SUMMER PARTY HACKS AND DIYS! || Easy Party Tricks for Friends by 123 Go! Gold


Are you ready for the best summer party ever? Than join our club and prepare to have fun with simple yet genius life hacks!

You’ll know how to inflate a balloon with a plastic bottle, how to restyle your party outfit and look gorgeous! Do your makeup with a balloon, fix clothes in the last minute and organize party treats like the best host!
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00:03 How to inflate a balloon with a plastic bottle
00:28 Genius life hack to recycle plastic
01:37 Summer party makeup hacks
03:01 Party fashion hacks for your clothes
05:59 Yummy treats for a party
06:57 Sweet candies hacks for a foodie
07:58 Funny life hacks for your summer party
10:10 30 seconds challenge to try at the party
11:57 Funny bloopers
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  7. they were teaching pranks of their teachers in school for me its not good ..some children seen this content also .. what if children will do the same in there school ?


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