The Secret step-by-step Guide to learn Hacking


totally clickbait. but also not clickbait. I don’t know where to start hacking, there is no guide to learn this stuff. But I hope you still have a plan now!

How to learn hacking –

The ultimate guide,
everything you need to know –

Stuff that looks cool:

crypto challenges –
wargames –
other exploit challenges –
basics of exploitation (+ my playlists) –
math puzzles with programming –
break ethereum smart contracts –

Try something new:

create an android app –
create a website with python –
do some nice animations –
make some LEDs blink –

Other Channels:

GynvaelEN –
MurmusCTF –
MalwareAnalysisForHedgehogs –
hasherezade –
IppSec –
John Hammond –

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  1. I have to agree with you here, I jump it to Ethical Hacking last month since I lost my seismic job while learning Web Development and Mobile app, and then I stumble in to Ethical Hacking somehow.

    I don't how but then I saw this is a quick way to make some money better than Web Development. I know its not all about getting High hits with bug bounty all about starting small then build around it.

    This video same like my story. To be a hacker you must have some knowledge about Web and Apps. how IT works. Like he said no needs to be master of it. Learn them parallel. Read more Hacking Books. (Not web contents) Books. Then partings what you learn before move to next chapter. Keep practicing what you learn. Then check Blogs, also YouTube Tutorials. Then practice and try to break something. Practice makes everything better. If you only learning you will be hugely confused and crazy one day. So break in to small pieces. Practice. If doesn't work, come and do CTF (Capture the Flags programs – again practice).

    After getting somewhere. Be creating. Get away from basics, try new thing by thinking out of the box. There are many holes in IT. Good Luck All..


    Rah Rah

  2. best hack wifi tool it is realyyyyyyyy = {media_fire} link

  3. I gotta say, @liveoverflow; as an aspiring whatever your video said what i needed to hear!
    You seem to be catering to haters though…. dont be so gentle, and stop
    talking yourself down! You're smart with a fast ,adaptive brain. Theyll figure it out if they really want to.

  4. Yeah. The entry path into InfoSec is different for everyone. I know someone who got into infosec by answering questions on Information Security StackExchange.

  5. Step 1: Learn hacking without anyone knowing it
    Step 2: Hack you parent's computer making sure to put them into panic
    Step 3: Stay calm while they panic
    Step 4: When they ask you about your behaviour tell them that you tried hacking and their computer was your test subject.

    That is virtually what I did but deleted all the videos cause my father knows how to hack a computer :))

  6. A message from a secret hacker… If you want to be a hacker then buy a mask.. Then if somebody does camera spying they won’t know it’s you

  7. since last year I've been staring at your subscriber count feeling real good more people are discovering you, but as a hobbyist with around 3 years of experience I still have a question in mind regarding this: do you think cyber security is finally being popularized? Even if it won't become main stream, there is a huge peak in interest observable around us that will likely have a notable impact, but what about the positive and negative effects of more people having awareness of cyber security in an increased depth? Call this a question for all people in the industry instead, would love to
    hear more thoughts on this.
    Cheers, huge fan.

  8. Only now that I have been in the world of hacking for a long time do I understand this video. 2 years ago or so I was looking for a way to learn (first this then the other), the truth is that as the video says there is no straight line. I started with one thing and then ended in another, so I discovered the wonderful world of reverse engineering, and now I know what to do

  9. My way of looking at how to hack is to be anonymous the whole time and have a private browser (like TOR) That I already have, get a VPN, learn coding, write malicious codes, and bam. You can use it for bad or good, but I'm a grey hat. Anonymous and invisible to the community. That makes it best.

  10. Step 1: Start a project (new file, folder, assembly, etc)
    Step 2: Work on it for 1 day
    Step 3: Never work on it again for 3 years
    Step 4: Show the source code to someone and they’ll think you’re a hacker
    Step 5: Don’t run the half-finished bug filled code that you wrote

  11. Hackers after watching this Video: I wasted whole my life practicing he teaches in 14 mins..( STEP BY STEP)🤣🤣🤣

  12. How to start your career in hacking

  13. I want to learn this as a minor so that when I’m an adult and I relearn it it’ll come easy and then I can join the hackers


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