Top 10 BEST Wii Games!


I dusted off my good old Nintendo Wii last week and I decided to play a couple of games! This console has so many cool games! Today, I’ve decided to pick my 10 favorite games and tell you all about those!

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🎶 Music Used 🎶
🎵 Title Theme – Mario Kart Wii
🎵 Banana Jungle – Donkey Kong Country Returns
🎵 Egg Planet – Super Mario Galaxy
🎵 Magma Burning – Mega Man 9
🎵 Ice Valley – Metroid Prime Trilogy
🎵 Menu Theme – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
🎵 Lineland Road – Super Paper Mario
🎵 Grass Land – New Super Mario Bros. Wii
🎵 Hyrule Plains – Zelda Twilight Princess
🎵 Main Theme – Wii Sports

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  1. This is the only thing wrong with Donkey Kong Country Returns.

    They skipped out on level 6-9. They only went up to 8.

  2. My List:
    1. Mega Man 9
    1. Mario Kart Wii
    2. Mega Man 10
    2. Wii Sports Resort

    In Case you wonder, I only have played 4 Wii Games

  3. My favorites!
    1, Super Mario Wii
    2, animal crossing city folk
    3, super smash bro’s brawl
    4, super Mario Galaxy

  4. Red Steel 2 was definitely the best character action game on Wii along with No More Heroes.

    Conduit 2 was the closest Wii owners got to Halo, and it was great.

  5. I have a Wii and I still play it but it takes really long turn on because the TV that it's connected to is an old TV so it takes 5 to 10 minutes to turn on the TV

  6. Madworld should've been on here tbh, I know it was a commercial failure but holy shit that game was incredible. I've never seen anything like it on the Wii of all things, and its style n gameplay were incredible. I wish more people knew about it 😔

  7. In my opinion Mario Kart Wii should be number one.I like Super Mario Galaxy,but I think it’s really hard,but my brother’s obsessed over it.He got it for his birthday and now he’s saying he wants 2 for Christmas,but it’s only June.


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