Top 25 Isometric Hack and Slash Action RPG games like Diablo | Part 2/3


This is PART 2 out of 3 of Top 25 Isometric Hack n’Slash action RPG games like Diablo. Many of us hoped that Blizzard will announce release date of Diablo 4 at the Blizzcon, but instead we were fed sad news about mobile game Diablo Immortal. That was not what we waited for. Take a look at this aRPG list I made. Subscribe to my channel here:


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Median XL mod:


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Game list:
Diablo 2 Median XL
Vikings: Wolves of Midgard
Space Siege
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms
Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition
Magicka 2

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  1. "TOP 25 Isometric Hack and Slash Action RPG games like Diablo." With some of the games on this list I can't help but think there's such a low standard.

  2. i miss your videos bro i have to say i tested like 50% game u have in your videos and now ….IM BROKE NO MORE GAMES HAVE TO WAIT POE SEASON zzZz pozdrav

  3. Yes that's one of my favorite Diablo mods I wish there were more modders for dins legacy it's a really good game check it out for yourself you can mutate and enhance your skills through random mutations like poison cloud mutation for bash skill there's lots of other mutations just think of what modders could do with this game it's base game is already really fun

  4. Кадр на заставке из какой игры? What game is the screenshot from the cover of the video from?

  5. Hey bro, ty 4 making dis series…Arpg r my fav. but i cant find good rpg to play 4 quite a while after i played all mine…ur series helped me alot, i bought 2 olredy lol, n i have more to buy after i finish. Ur narration is plenty fun as well. ill sub you !!! Cheers…keep up ur cool work!! Plis include Darksiders Genesis if u make another one, i cant wait fir its release.

  6. Great Video, but btw UN classifies Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as Northern Europe, once again, thanks for a great Video:)

  7. Important note I just know:
    Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms only features Book 1, whereas Shadows: Awakening features Book I and II which is a better and improved version. I think this fact is worth enough to be included in your updated video.


  8. Ahh I miss the times when H'n'S wasn't so dead. As a one of biggest fan of Sacred 1 I never heard about Silverfall but by looking at gameplay it doesn't look good, 2D never gets old but poor 3D does.

  9. Thanks man, my wife's notebook stopped this week in the middle of a playthrough of skyrim, this recommendations saved us….also i started to drink o lot of vodka….just don't know why

  10. Developers of Titan Quest released 2 new DLC's. Ragnarok and Atlantis. And TQ has AMMMMAZING soundtracks.


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