[Undertale] Sans' boss fight – Genocide Run


At the 10 minute mark, please skip ahead to the 13 minute mark.

What’s wrong, can’t handle a bit of a challenge?
I really advise you to try beating this boss in your own first, is a really exciting battle, it has a lot of surprises. The song, “Megalovania” is really fitting too, I really wasn’t expecting it, since it wasn’t on TobyFox’s bandcamp list of the game’s song.
There is a song called “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans” instead, I don’t know if that song actually plays somewhere in the game.
As a little trivia: Megalovania is the song for this battle as mentioned earlier, Toby first used it on a Earthbound Halloween romhack, and was used once again on Homestuck, 2 years later.
Sorry for the watermark, the wall thingy at the end and the bad FPS’s, can’t do anything about it. (It doesn’t allow me to edit the video, so…)

Game: Undertale

I actually wanted this to be more difficult and less just surprise attack gimmick.

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  1. i fucking hate sans' death. Not that its brilliant and sososososo sad, its because i love sans i cant fight him qwq id rather die 2 him that slash him with a knife lmao

  2. Okay. Sans doesn’t smile because it’s a metaphorical mask. What I mean is, his character is representing literal depression. People that are depressed always have a smile on their face. They don’t tell people they are depressed. I know from experience. Behind his smile, he is hurt. He wants to cry. If you read what he said in this video, you’d see that he said “I stopped trying”. And don’t say it’s because he’s a skeleton or he doesn’t have any lips, because Papy has facial expressions. Now let me cry about how sad the ending was.


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