WHO is this HACKER? We FOLLOW CHAD WILD CLAY, VY QWAINT & DANIEL Meet with Project Zorgo Member PZ4


Who is this WEIRD HACKER joining the mission?

PZ9 is continuing to explore the mysterious connection between Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, and Ex-Project Zorgo member Daniel. Having an eye on PZ4 has been extremely crucial in determining her true motives. She has been organizing meetings with Daniel, and in all of the cases, Chad and Vy are nearby, vlogging the process. Our mission in taking down Youtube has been severely compromised because of the CWC ninjas. They are the biggest challenge to overcome because they are actively trying to stop us. Many smaller channels perish, as they do not have enough resources to stop our organization. Our priorities have shifted to include accepting more members, training them in hand to hand combat, and teaching them the secrets of the internet. We also must maintain the integrity of our community by making sure all members are truthful with each other and faithful to our cause. Do you have what it takes to wear the mask?

We are working to take down the following entertainment friendly comedy videos in 2019:


Jake Paul – THROWING a Dart At A Map & DOING Whatever It Lands On!!

Morgz – Who can SPEND the MOST MONEY in 24 Hours – Challenge

Guava Juice – 10 Things Not To Do as a SuperHero (Avengers)

We are posting additional information to Project Zorgo members here:

We are the YouTube Hacker group Project Zorgo. We believe YouTube has become too powerful and is a threat to traditional media. Phase one of our plan is to hack the YouTube trending page and promote unpopular videos from television networks. Phase two is to hack popular YouTuber channels and prevent them gaining more subscribers. First, we are exploring hidden methods how to get channels to become abandoned by their YouTube creators.

If you would like to join our team and help us stop YouTubers (because they are not REAL celebrities), please gather information on the ‘TARGET Channels’ and leave us comments with any helpful data you find.

Be like Project Zorgo and use royalty free background music from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here

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  1. wow people actually believe all this thing are real huh i mean kid dont have develop brain yet wait until 5 year later and then they just learn the real story


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